Saturday, March 13, 2010

U S of A

So I left about 4 days ago(I lost track of time) My original EVA economy class flight got delayed and I was lucky enough to get free passes for business class on China Airlines to Taiwan for transit. And guess what? the taiwanese gurl group SHE was sitting next to me. xD Too bad I'm not their fan and she didnt wanna admit that she is from the group though (cause I could hardly recognize her)

VIP Lounge
From Adventures of Ryuuga

Very huge, Taiwan Airport
From Adventures of Ryuuga

And afterward took EVA air economy class to San Francisco Intl. Airport(SFO). There was no night or day on the airplane. It was as if Time just froze as you fly across the world.

Time froze on the plane. Best sunset view ever.
From Adventures of Ryuuga

Birds Eye over San Francisco
From Adventures of Ryuuga

And so I have safely landed in San Fran.

From Adventures of Ryuuga

From Adventures of Ryuuga

Throughout the course of the next few days , I visited numerous places, walked a hell lot, learned lots of things and took tons of photos (all of which can my found in my picasa webalbum.)

No San Fran without the cable car.
From Adventures of Ryuuga

I swear its real
From Adventures of Ryuuga

Bread, Bread, Bread
From Adventures of Ryuuga

Bustles of San Fran Bay
From Adventures of Ryuuga

Awesome cathedral smack in the middle of the city
From Adventures of Ryuuga

From Adventures of Ryuuga

I'll stop here for now. More pics can be found on my Picasaweb album. Please leave comments as well. ^^
My experiences so far will come in the next post

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last Week

No, not last(previous) week. As in, my last(final) week in Malaysia. What am I gonna do this final week? I really don't know... I guess, I'd spend more time at home with my family. Probably only go out when its inevitable. End of the week I'll have a small gathering, with (hopefully) most of the people im closer with during my college time here, take some pictures, cry a little, then I'm off on Sunday. Pretty sad to leave this place now, as much as I hate this country. Am reminded of Kei when she had to leave before this, telling me how she'd miss here and I told her "to hell with this retarded place, better live elsewhere". Ironically its happening to me now ahaha. Guess we all find it hard to change sometimes. But change is inevitable.

I want to get out of here. I long for a better life. I believe this new place would provide for me exactly that. I am young. I am adventurous. I dare to try new things. And I have absolutely nothing to lose.

Randoms:TERBUKTI! TM says NO!! to 1Malaysia!

Saw these cute smileys in a departmental store

Don't drive and take picture

Sunday, February 14, 2010


It's Valentines Day + first day of Chinese New Year both ON THE SAME DAY this year.
More people would be happier this year since this day comes only once in... I dunno how many years...

Those without a loved one to celebrate with this year can celebrate Chinese New Year with the family instead of their usualy bunch of pathetic single friends.
Those who don't celebrate Chinese New Year can still join in the meriah-ness by celebrating Vday/SAD.

Too good to be true? Perhaps.
But it seems I won't be celebrating CNY next year with my family(maybe even the year after that) And I also won't be celebrating my 20th birthday in Malaysia. Whether or not this is good news is still beyond me. But I do know that the longer I stay here, the more compelled I feel to leave.

19 years of Malaysia's bullshit? more than enough thank you. I figured, the only things I will miss most here are my family and the food. I hope I'm not expecting too much out of the States, but I do believe life there would be ALOT better than here.

That said, visa, check. Air tickets, check for 7th March, Only left packing to do... Awfully early, I know. Its a good thing

Happy Last CNY for me and hopefully last SAD for me too. See you in hell.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So the only things fueling my life now are:


And plenty of Crow's Claw+Kurikinton+demetori
Surprisingly, it can keep me sane... maybe...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MI Admission Essay

Write a 250 word essay describing why you would want to attend MI

Bullshit story(Rough draft with exagerrated facts),

As a kid, I was always drawn to instruments or anything that could produce music. My dad plays the organ, and when I was at a young age of 2 I would already sit in front of the organ for hours and simply hit the notes. When I got older, realizing my interest in music, my parents enrolled me into Junior Music courses whereby I was taught simple rhythms and Do Re Mi. After that, I showed interest in piano and was quickly enrolled into Piano classes. Classically taught, I learned piano for 7 years afterwhich I realised classical lessons was rigid and didnt have much room for me to explore my creativity.

As an active teenager, I was then influenced by Rock music by bands like 'Muse' and 'Guns and Roses'. That got me learning a new instrument which was the guitar. I got into high school and joined a band. Together with new friends, we rocked the stage at every school event and that was my first experience of performing on stage. Leaving high school, I was depressed. It was as if something was missing from my life. And then I realised what it was. It was the addiction of performing. I was addicted to rocking it out onstage. Thats when I made a life-changing decision. That is, to choose a career in music and dedicate my life to it, despite opposition from relatives and family.
That is when I found M.I. I mean, What better reason to attend M.I than to chase a childhood dream? I believe M.I will be able to provide me with what I need to accomplish this dream.

"Ai-C0M" not good enough. lol.

Rush Rush Rush

So I'm Rushing like mad now to make it in time for Spring intake at Musician's Institute(M.I.)
I have got so many documents to procure and extra exams to take (incl. maths, english, writing)...
I think its too much to take for this oldman, I have not been a good oldman to practice maths everyday, heck I haven't touched a single maths question(apart from counting my expenses) since after SPM... Do I REALLLY have to submit such documents to a music college? I don't see the relation there...

TOEFL - incomplete
SAT - incomplete(not even signed up yet)
High sch cert - Done
Application form - Done
Essay? tomorrow =P

Make it for spring intake? heh...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So 2009 came and gone without a warning. Without as little as a seabreeze to mark the start of a new year, here I am, a week into 2010. I won't dwell much on the past year(even though there is much to tell and even more to show) 2009 seemed like just yesterday and I truly believe that I have learned alot from it. From tributes to emcee-ing for friday performances, from being band leader to playing in awesome gigs with awesome bandmates, from failing to passing, from having high hopes to being let down. Yes, 2009 was indeed an awesome year spent with amazing people and everyday was one well spent.
Thank you 2009 for providing me much opportunity and added spice to my otherwise boring life.

Two-Oh-Ten is gonna be a mystery for now. Who knows, few months down the road I might be writing this blog from the other side of the world heh... Hope to see you there